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Local Data, Local Health

Health care is local. While national, state and market trends impact health and health care delivery, local communities are where theory and policy meet practice and implementation.
Published: October 22, 2014 | Updated: April 10, 2017

Local Data, Local HealthEach community – with its unique blend of history, providers, collaboration, competition and patient populations – brings a different approach to the table when it comes to health.

This Colorado Health Institute initiative – “Local Data, Local Health” – focuses on understanding the unique characteristics of Colorado’s communities, communicating that understanding clearly, and offering evidence-based solutions.

Staff members have traveled the state, meeting with community members and gaining a better understanding of the health and health care landscape.

Data You Can Use

We are providing PowerPoint presentations focusing on each of the state’s 21 Health Statistics Regions with in-depth data and analysis. They are available in the "Downloads" box to the right. We encourage their use – and invite questions about additional local data and analysis.

Health Statistics Regions