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About Us

We believe that sound evidence and solid analysis lead to better health policy, and that better health policy leads to healthier Coloradans.

Since our founding in 2002, the Colorado Health Institute has provided evidence-based data and information to inform policy, advance health, promote collaboration and support better access to care for all Coloradans.

That remains true today. But times have changed, and so has CHI.

Research is our priority, but it is just the beginning of our work. We have branched out in response to profound innovations in health, health care and health policy. Today, we are trusted strategic advisors, skilled evaluators and sought-after facilitators. We are a valued partner with the individuals, groups and communities across the state working to make Colorado No. 1 in health.

We analyze, we write, we talk, we tweet, we blog, we convene, we listen, we learn. In short, we make sure that solid information and sound advice reach the right people at the right time when it can do the most good.

CHI is funded to provide support for Colorado’s health care community. In addition to a full portfolio of health policy research available online, many of our services are designed to meet this community support goal. We can help you think through which data or research will best answer your question.

Our Vision

We improve the health of all Coloradans by supporting health policy discussions with evidence-based analysis and informed insight.

Our Mission

We strive to be a trusted and leading source of credible analysis and expertise for Colorado leaders.

Our Funders

A portion of our funding is provided by these Colorado-based philanthropies to conduct community benefit work.

CHI sponsors 2019


Our Nonpartisan Ethic

CHI does not lobby in any way. We do not endorse bills, ballot initiatives, or candidates.

We will offer our best analysis of the evidence for any topic we examine, and we help decision-makers think through their plans to craft the best policy possible.

Our Invitation: Use Our Work

Please feel free to use any data, charts, graphics or research from our website, with credit to the Colorado Health Institute. As a public benefit nonprofit, we work to help all Coloradans understand the evidence about health policy. The more you use our work, the more successful we are.

If you find our work useful, please let us know. And if you can’t find what you need, let us know that, too.

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