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A Statewide Look at the Strengths and Barriers Facing Colorado’s Asian American and Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander Community

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The Colorado Lotus Project is a groundbreaking effort to uplift the unique voices and experiences of Asian American and Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander (AANHPI) people living in Colorado. This project was created by the Colorado AAPI Circle and the Colorado Health Institute. In partnership with the community, including an advisory group of 10 AANHPI community members and leaders, the Colorado Lotus Project highlights the diverse experiences of Colorado’s AANHPI communities, tearing down the idea that they are one monolithic group.  

The project involves a thorough analysis of data on AANHPI communities by extracting richer information from existing datasets, using a technique called disaggregation. Through disaggregation, we can see beyond the “Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders” label and learn about people in Colorado who identify as Chamorro, Japanese, Hmong, Nepali, Samoan, or any of the dozens of other AANHPI ethnic groups who call Colorado home. 

But data alone does not solve problems. The Colorado Lotus Project also integrates first-person storytelling. Voices and faces can help us see what’s important in the data — and what’s missing.

This dual approach aims to call attention to an essential need for better data and equitable resource allocation while fostering a nuanced understanding of the diverse experiences within AANHPI communities. 

The Colorado Lotus Project frames its work around seven areas to help Coloradans to explore the data and understand AANHPI experiences.

  • Demographics: the overall composition of AANHPI people in Colorado and where they are living
  • Health: the state of health for AANHPI people in Colorado, including physical and mental health and access to care
  • Housing: Access to affordable and high-quality housing
  • Income and economic opportunity: factors needed to thrive, such as income, livelihood, and entrepreneurship
  • Education: opportunities and access to culturally and linguistically responsive education and resources for AANHPI students in Colorado, including diversity of teachers and staff
  • Crime and Justice: topics such as representation in court and legal systems and experiences with crimes, racism, and policing
  • Democracy: opportunities or barriers to civic engagement and voting and representation of elected officials

Explore Findings from the Colorado Lotus Project

Access these materials to learn more about Colorado’s AANHPI communities. 

Colorado Lotus Project report cover

Colorado Lotus Project Report

The full report includes an analysis of philanthropic funding for Colorado’s AANHPI communities. The report also brings together data and stories to highlight the experiences of AANHPI people across seven domains: demographics, health, housing, income and economic opportunity, education, crime and justice, and democracy. Finally, it includes domain-specific recommendations for funders, policymakers, community partners, and others to advance data disaggregation, address the needs of AANHPI communities, and promote equitable resource allocation. 

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Colorado Lotus Project Executive Summary

The executive summary provides a brief overview of the Colorado Lotus Project report, including why it was created and high-level recommendations from the report. 

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Colorado Lotus Project Flyer

This flyer provides an overview of the Colorado Lotus Project and explains how community members can get involved. It is available in: Burmese, English, Marshallese, Nepali, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Urdu, and Vietnamese.

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Colorado Lotus Project Data Metric Inventory

This data metric inventory compiles metrics to support state and local leaders in understanding where to find data on AANHPI communities.

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Colorado Lotus Project Thought Exchange Results

As a part of the Colorado Lotus Project, CHI and its partners conducted an online poll called a Thought Exchange. Explore results from community members on what they said were the greatest strengths and significant challenges faced as Colorado’s AANHPI community. 

Colorado Lotus Project fact sheets

Colorado Lotus Project Fact Sheets

These fact sheets spotlight key findings from each of the seven domains and feature data included in the report. 

AANHPI Community Mapping Tool

Lotus Mapping

This interactive map shows where Colorado’s AANHPI communities are living by disaggregated AANHPI identity. Data are shown at the census tract level. To request access to the mapping tool, please complete this access request form

Colorado Lotus Project Launch Presentation