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Legislative Services

CHI is a year-round resource for legislators, legislative staff, local officials and members of the executive branch.
Published: February 16, 2017 | Updated: May 17, 2019

What we do:

The Colorado Health Institute is Colorado’s leading non-profit health and health policy research institute. Our goal is to inform policy and advance health. We do that every day by providing non-partisan research and support to policy makers and elected officials from every corner of the state. CHI can provide everything from district-specific data and analyses, to background information for legislature, to town hall presentations. Let us know how we can help you.

Other services and analyses include:

  • Our annual legislative preview, "Legislative Opportunities and Trends."
  • Our annual session wrap-up publication, “Legislation in Review.”
  • Research and counsel on state health topics, including current or potential bills.
  • Briefings at the Capitol for individual legislators, committees and party caucuses.
  • Town hall presentations featuring health data customized for a specific district.
  • Weekly legislative blogs that recap bill hearings and relevant debates.
  • Hot Issues in Health Conference hosted by CHI each December.

It’s fast. It’s free. It’s nonpartisan – really. Let us know how we can help you.

Pre-Session Reports


Left Turn: 2019 Legislative Preview

New Governor, Democratic Majority Promise Progressive Health Policies


2018 Legislative Preview: A Steep Climb to Common Ground

The dawn of the 2018 legislation session brings a mix of optimism and skepticism. Legislators want to make progress on fighting Colorado's substance use epidemic, but political obstacles might stand in the way for other priorities.


2017 Legislative Forecast

Colorado’s legislature convenes for 2017 following a tumultuous campaign season that is likely to have a big impact on health policy.


Annual Legislative Preview: High Stakes for Health

Health policy will play a starring role in Colorado's 2016 legislative session, which begins next Wednesday, January 13. The Colorado Health Institute's annual legislative preview takes a look at the coming debates.


Legislative Forecast: Health Care Policy Trends to Anticipate in 2013

What is the political climate in Colorado coming out of the November elections and what are the key health care themes that we can expect in the 2013 legislative session?


Post-Session Reports


Legislation in Review 2018

Analyzing Key Health Policy Trends During a Difficult Legislative Session


Legislation in Review 2017

Colorado legislators flopped and flailed, and just when it looked like all was lost, they achieved one of the most productive sessions in years.


Legislation in Review 2016

The dynamics of split party control shaped the 2016 legislative session, just as they did last year. But this time around, the presidential election added even more pressure.


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