Repealing the Affordable Care Act

What’s at Stake in Colorado?
March 10, 2023

In November, a legal challenge to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), California v. Texas, came before the U.S. Supreme Court. A decision is expected by June 2021. The ruling could leave the ACA intact, invalidate just part of the law, or repeal the act in its entirety.

A full repeal of the ACA would have massive impacts throughout the health care system.

Most notably, the number of uninsured Coloradans under age 65 would double, from 484,000 people to 966,000 people. An estimated 20% of all adults under 65 would be uninsured. People of color and people with lower incomes would be most affected.1

But the impacts would not stop there. The ACA is an enormous piece of legislation containing dozens of key provisions that have changed the health care system as we know it.

As the Supreme Court considers its fate, what else is on the line in Colorado? Important implications for Coloradans’  health coverage are outlined below.