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Hot Issues in Health

Colorado's Essential Health Policy Conference — December 6 and 7, 2018
Published: June 18, 2018 | Updated: December 10, 2018
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Welcome to Hot Issues in Health 2018.

We are pleased to welcome you, either in person or virtually. 

This year's conference will take on some of the biggest topics in Colorado health policy, just as the state government prepares for a new governor and legislature.

Bennet Hickenlooper Primavera

We are excited to announce that U.S. Senator Michael Bennet, Governor John Hickenlooper, and Lt. Governor-elect Dianne Primavera will join us Friday.

Use the buttons to the right to navigate through the agenda, read biographies of our speakers, and see our sponsors.

Many sessions will be livestreamed and archived on this page.

We will post CHI PowerPoint presentations on this page as they happen, so there's no need to take pictures of the screen — you won't miss a slide.

Video Recording

Watch the incredible speech delivered by Colorado journalist Vic Vela about recovery from drug addiction.

Check back later this week for a full video archive of Hot Issues in Health 2018.








CHI Presentations


Hot Issues in Health 2018 - Legislative Preview

The 2018 election left Democrats firmly in charge of state government for the first time in four years. With a new governor and four years of pent-up ideas, 2019 could be a watershed year for health policy.


Hot Issues in Health 2018 - Behavioral Health

Policymakers should anticipate the politics, context, and values that influence policymaking — especially when it comes to substance use disorders. This session presents a framework to guide the discussions coming in 2019. 


Hot Issues in Health - Safety Net Innovations

The safety net is often at the forefront of creative and technologic solutions.


Hot Issues in Health 2018 - 2 Generation Approaches

A two-generation approach is a bipartisan opportunity to make a real impact on the health of our families. 


Hot Issues in Health - Climate Change

What parts of the state have more people vulnerable to health problems from a changing climate? The answer might surprise you.


Hot Issues in Health 2018 - Aging and Housing

Join us for a discussion of how these trends intersect and what communities, legislators, and other policymakers can do to help Coloradans age in place. 


Hot Issues in Health 2018 - Cost Control

It takes money to save money. Legislators who have tried to bring down health care costs for their constituents know there are trade-offs and upfront costs. This session compares several options for controlling costs to see if the price is right.


Hot Issues in Health - COmmunity Connections

Join Colorado’s Regional Health Connectors as they boldly go beyond the comforts of the clinic walls, seek out the social determinants of health, and explore fascinating communities that are creating innovative solutions to health problems.


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