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COVID-19 in Colorado

Resources and policy analysis for addressing the coronavirus pandemic
Published: April 3, 2020 | Updated: October 23, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented public health and policy challenge.

CHI is committed to providing analysis and insight into developments that affect the health of Coloradans. This page will be updated regularly with our newest work. 


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COVID IN COLORADO: A Policy Timeline


Archived Blogs and Reports on COVID-19

Weekly Policy Watch, September 25: Mountain Towns Need Tourists, but Crowds Bring COVID Complications

Weekly Policy Watch, September 18: The Vaccination Campaign Starts Now

Weekly Policy Watch, August 21: Shifting Hotspots Show Progress, Challenges

Weekly Policy Watch, August 14: School, Risk, and an Age of Uncertainty

Weekly Policy Watch, August 7: As Colorado Aims to Improve Its Testing Rate, Look for Who Is Tested, Not Just How Many

Weekly Policy Watch, July 31: Metro Denver Groups Shows Power of Cooperation

Weekly Policy Watch, July 24: How We Move Forward, Even When It's Not Straightforward.

Weekly Policy Watch, July 17: Masking for a Friend

Weekly Policy Watch, July 10: What's Happening With School Reopenings? Look Local.

Weekly Policy Watch, July 2: A Holiday Break

Weekly Policy Watch, June 26: What is Colorado’s Secret?

Weekly Policy Watch, June 19: Let's Dance

Weekly Policy Watch, June 12: Health Experts Must Explain Complex Messages — and Trust the Public to Understand

Medicaid Surge Due To COVID-19: Financial Impacts for Hospitals

The Rest is History: Legislators Respond to Pandemic and Protests in Final Days of Session

Weekly Policy Watch, June 5Racism, History, and COVID – And How Trust Affects Them All

Weekly Policy Watch, May 29: Policy Becomes Personal – And Political

COVID-19 Puts New Pressure on Coloradans Already Struggling with Housing Instability

Weekly Policy Watch, May 22: Saving Summer by Acting Safer and Smarter

CovidLine Offers Telemedicine for Free

Weekly Policy Watch, May 15: Reimagining the New Normal Offers Opportunities to Do Better

Telemedicine in Colorado: The Jetsons, a RAPID Response, and the Big Questions Ahead

Weekly Policy Watch, May 8: Safer at home, but Still Uncertain: Colorado Plans for the Year Ahead

Weekly Policy Watch, May 1: In the Midst of One Public Health Crisis, Another Is About to Hit

Weekly Policy Watch, April 24: Reopening Is a Risk

Colorado's COVID-19 Child Care Response Supports Essential Workers, but the System Is Still Fragile

Social Distancing Index: Neighborhoods and Towns Least Able to Stay Isolated

Weekly Policy Watch, April 17: Data Show Equity Problems That Policy Must Address

Weekly Policy Watch, April 10: Is There an Evidence-Based Case for Optimism?

The Economy, Public Charge, and COVID-19: Big Implications for Health Insurance Eligibility and Enrollment

Caring for Caregivers as COVID-19 Spreads

Weekly Policy Watch, April 3: Colorado Braces for April

Weekly Policy Watch, March 27: Struggling with Social Distancing

Legislature in Limbo: 5 Questions for What Remains of the Session

Coronavirus Is a Mighty Challenge. But We Know What We Have to Do

The Colorado Health Institute does not give medical advice, and we defer to public health authorities for public health advice. See below for a list of resources.

Trustworthy Sources

State of Colorado COVID-19 resources
Includes data and advice on what to do if you are sick

Centers for Disease Control
Includes advice for individuals, health care, and public health professionals

Local Public Health Agencies
Statewide directory of all county agencies

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