Introducing the Colorado Belonging Barometer: A Landmark Effort to Measure Belonging Across Colorado

June 26, 2024 — Belonging Colorado, a special fund at The Denver Foundation, announces the launch of the Colorado Belonging Barometer, a pioneering initiative to measure the sense of belonging among Coloradans. This effort, in collaboration with the Colorado Health Institute (CHI) and Over Zero, marks the first time belonging has been assessed at the state level, providing crucial insights into the social fabric of Colorado communities.

New Data Show That Health Care Providers Are Dismissing Coloradans’ Medical Concerns

Nearly one in six Colorado adults (about 514,000 people) who sought health services in the past year experienced dismissive care, according to findings from the 2023 Colorado’s Health Access Survey (CHAS). For the first time, the survey asked respondents about whether they felt their medical providers dismissed their health concerns. The findings provide a critical window into an important health care issue and reveal opportunities for improvement.

Hot Issues in Health to Explore Critical Health Issues, Reveal New Data

More than 200 health leaders will gather to explore the issues critical to Colorado’s health care future on December 1 at the Colorado Health Institute’s Hot Issues in Health conference. The annual event will bring together community health advocates, policymakers, nonprofit organizations, providers, insurers, academics, and other problem-solvers from across the state to share ideas and advance the issues that will drive health policy in 2024.