New Analysis Explores Broadband Access in Colorado

New analysis from the 2023 Colorado Health Access Survey (CHAS) reveals that one in 20 Coloradans lacked broadband internet service in 2023. As important services ranging from health consultations to prescription renewals shift online, this digital divide has the potential to impact health access for the 270,000 Colorado households who lack this important service.

The 2023 survey marked the first time the CHAS asked respondents about broadband internet access and their reasons for not having it.

Nearly 5% of survey respondents CHAS reported that they did not have broadband internet access at home. Survey data showed that the cost of a home subscription was a barrier for more than half of Coloradans (51%) without home broadband service, and nearly 20 percent said that the cost of a device to connect to the internet was too expensive.

But for some households, broadband isn’t an option at any price. More than one in five respondents (19.2%) who did not have broadband internet said it was because service was not available where they lived. This issue was particularly prominent in rural parts of the state. Read the full report

The release of new analysis on the broadband questions follows the February launch of findings from the CHAS. That release included key findings on insurance coverage, mental health, climate and health, housing stability, food security, affordability of care, long COVID, and other topics. Over the course of the year, the Colorado Health Institute will continue to roll out new analyses of additional survey topics. Visit the CHAS website frequently for new updates and new analysis.

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