Colorado Legislature considers measures to ramp up reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to address state’s climate crisis

State of Reform interviewed Karam Ahmad, Director and lead of Acclimate Colorado, for this March 3 story about proposed climate change legislation and the ongoing impacts of climate change on health. 

“When we’re talking about health, I think it’s important to first share that climate change is what we call a threat multiplier,” Ahmad said. “[Climate change] accelerates instability and it can exacerbate other drivers of instability. So when we’re talking about the housing crisis in Colorado, when we’re talking about people being economically insecure or having food insecurity, mental health problems or illness that they’re facing, climate change is a threat multiplier that can really drive those sources of instability in people’s lives.” 

The story also details CHI’s Health and Climate Policy agenda, describing it as “a policy call to action to protect Coloradans from climate change.”