Transforming Silos into People-First Systems

Hot Issues in Health 2023 Breakout Session

January 25, 2024

Why does it feel so challenging to get the care and services we need? 

What if our public health, health care, and social service systems prioritized people‚Äôs needs and experiences for building integrated systems around them? The process of journey mapping helps us move forward and solve complex problems better and faster. This engaging session provided an immersive mapping experience. We broke out of our siloes and adopted a broader perspective with fresh thinking, a new mindset, and an innovative tool to think about how to evolve and better integrate our systems of care. 

  • Nina Bianchi, Director, CHI 
  • Kirsti Klaverkamp, Senior Program Manager, CHI 
  • Stephanie Pugliese, Director, Colorado Office of eHealth Innovation (OeHI)