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Root Causes: Explore What Affects Mental Health in Colorado

Tracing how social and economic life in Colorado communities affects mental health
Published: April 30, 2020 | Updated: August 14, 2020

Root Causes, developed by the Colorado Health Institute in partnership with The Colorado Health Foundation, explores data on social factors and mental health in communities across the state.

Research has shown that many social factors are associated with mental health. Therefore, this project combines data from a variety of sources to illustrate how Colorado communities are faring on both mental health and conditions such as housing, income inequality, and racial segregation.

We know communities are not stagnant. In addition to providing a snapshot of Colorado, this tool offers users the ability to see how these social factors have changed over a decade.

To navigate the site, select the social factor you are interested in and zoom in on different parts of the state to explore how these factors play out in different neighborhoods and counties. You can also click on the icons to learn more about how many of these factors influence mental health outcomes.

This visualization works best on Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Unless otherwise noted, data are from the 2019 Colorado Health Access Survey. For a full list of sources and definitions, please see here.


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