Root Causes: Explore What Affects Mental Health in Colorado

Tracing how social and economic life in Colorado communities affects mental health
August 9, 2023

Root Causes, developed by the Colorado Health Institute in partnership with The Colorado Health Foundation, explores data on social factors and how they connect with mental health in communities across the state.

The diagram below visualizes the relationship between mental health and various social factors such as housing, income inequality, and racial segregation.

Click on each social factor’s icon to see data on the measurable relationship between it and mental health.

Click on the line icons connecting these factors to learn more about the nature of these relationships. 

Note that not all factors have a direct impact on mental health – many work through other factors. For example, education can influence income, which can in turn impact mental health.

Methods behind this analysis are available here.

A special thank you to The Colorado Health Foundation for their partnership in this analysis.



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