Mapping the COVID-19 Pandemic

Interactive Resources for Tracking Risk, Vaccinations, and More
May 4, 2023

Interactive maps offer an important tool to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

Maps can show which populations are most at risk, where vaccine campaigns are succeeding, and where more effort is needed.

The Colorado Health Institute has created several mapping resources. You can find the links on this page.

COVID-19 Diagnoses by Census Tract

CHORDS data provide a look at the pandemic's highly varied effects on metro Denver neighborhoods.

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Colorado Vaccine Equity Map

These maps take a statewide view, tracking vaccine progress over time and identifying communities that may be in greater need of support.

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CHI Social Distancing Index

Created in the early weeks of the pandemic, this map show census tracts where people are less likely to be able to maintain physical distance from one another because of crowding or workplace conditions.

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