February 2023 Eggheads: Colorado's 2023 Health and Climate Policy Agenda

Colorado’s climate has gotten hotter, and it will heat up more due to human-caused global warming.

May 3, 2023

Increasing temperatures have consequences for human health. The Health and Climate Policy Agenda is the first wide-scale effort in Colorado to address those consequences. It identifies 33 strategies for work at the local and state levels. 

The challenge is complex, but it represents a critical opportunity to improve health outcomes for Coloradans most affected by a changing climate. The policy agenda offers a place to start tackling these issues.

In February 2023, CHI debuted a first-of-its-kind Health and Climate Change Policy Agenda, providing an overview of the collaborative process we undertook with the statewide Action Team assembled in 2022, key recommendations from the policy agenda, and ways for you to get involved with Acclimate Colorado this year.