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Colorado Health Institute Announces Funding from NextFifty Initiative

Press Release


The Colorado Health Institute (CHI) has been chosen as one of the grant recipients from NextFifty Initiative, a Denver-based nonprofit foundation dedicated to funding innovative, mission-driven initiatives that improve the lives of older adults and their caregivers. The funded project is called Measuring and Addressing Community Capacity for Aging.

We’re all aging. For the first time in the history of humanity, the majority of the world’s population will live beyond age 60. NextFifty Initiative was formed to seek, vet and fund projects, ideas, technology and innovations that enhance the quality of life of the aging community.

CHI’s project will quantify and document housing and workforce needs for Colorado communities to serve their older residents, identify innovative solutions and provide localized “toolkits” to support communities.

“This funding allows CHI to take tangible steps in achieving our mission and provide long-term solutions to the aging communities we serve,” said Michele Lueck, President of CEO. “NextFifty Initiative’s support and partnership allows us to develop useful tools for various Colorado communities to use to improve housing options for their older adults.”

“CHI was selected as one of the grant recipients because we see the potential in its mission to positively impact people in their second 50 years,” said Margaret Franckhauser, president and CEO of NextFifty Initiative. “We offer our congratulations for being selected and look forward to a strong partnership that brings progress and change.”

About the Colorado Health Institute

We believe that better information leads to better-informed decisions — and a healthier Colorado. The Colorado Health Institute is nonprofit and nonpartisan. We are a trusted source of independent and objective health information, data and analysis for health care leaders.

About NextFifty Initiative

NextFifty Initiative is an independent, Colorado-based, nonprofit organization. The organization was formed to create brighter, longer and healthier futures that unlock the potential of communities through an advanced grant making approach. Through this work, communities are positioned to fully benefit from the wisdom and diverse experiences of a thriving aging population. Our approach applies a multitude of lenses in funding high-yield aging solutions that benefit people age 50 and older. NextFifty Initiative focuses on both proactive and responsive grant making designed to support concepts, projects and innovations that will benefit generations for years to come.


Joe Hanel  |   Communications Director, Colorado Health Institute    |   720.382.7083