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Rates on a Roller Coaster: A Look at Colorado's 2016 Individual and Small Group Insurance Premiums

This is a Colorado Health Institute analysis of the 2016 health insurance rates approved by the state’s Division of Insurance, which will rise an average of seven percent next year compared with a 1.2 percent hike in 2015. read more

The Accuracy of Colorado's Provider Directories

The Affordable Care Act aims to make it easier for consumers to shop for health insurance. But both providers and consumers in Colorado are raising concerns about the accuracy of one of the tools - provider directories. read more

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Noteworthy Numbers

The Colorado Health Institute visits the most interesting numerals from a month of health and healthy policy stories. read more

2015 Legislation In Review

Legislation in Review examines the trends, politics and budgetary pressures that shaped health care policy in 2015. The report also looks at unfinished business that is likely to return in 2016. read more

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County Data Workbooks

The Colorado Health Institute has assembled these Local Data Workbooks to help counties analyze the characteristics of their communities. read more

Filling the Dental Gap

Colorado reached a historic milestone in 2014 when it began offering dental insurance to each of the state's 1.1 million Medicaid clients. This decision places Colorado among the nation's leaders when it comes to oral health coverage for those with the lowest incomes. read more

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Highway to Health 2015: CHI Data and Experts for Your Community

We are sitting on mountains of data here at the Colorado Health Institute, and we are going on the road to share it with our fellow Coloradans. Highway to Health is CHI’s ongoing effort to meet people all over Colorado and share our data and analysis. It also gives us a chance… read more

Colorado Health Gaps Report

Why is there so much difference in the health of residents in one county compared to other counties in the same state? This look at Colorado comes from the County Health Rankings & Roadmaps program. read more

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Colorado Access to Care Index

The ability of Coloradans to access health care improved a bit in 2015, according to the Colorado Access to Care Index. The index score increased to 7.9 in 2015 from 7.7 in 2013, both out of a possible 10 points, showing that access to care is trending upward and that some disparities… read more

Colorado State Innovation Model (SIM)

Colorado is involved in an extraordinary undertaking: bringing experts from across the state to develop a vision to transform our health care system. read more

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Colorado's Health Care Safety Net

Colorado’s health care safety net, the network of clinics and providers that care for the most vulnerable residents, is growing and changing. To better understand the changes in Colorado’s health care safety net, it is necessary to understand its structure. read more


The Colorado Health Institute and its Safety Net Advisory Committee (SNAC) are engaged in a learning laboratory called SNAC Labs. The work is focused on Medicaid's Accountable Care Collaborative pilot program in Colorado and its potential as a transformative model of health care,… read more

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County Profiles

The Colorado Health Institute's Data Repository offers two options for county-level health data. A quick health profile - available by rolling over the individual county – gives a glimpse of population, household income, health insurance status and Medicaid and CHP+ enrollment. To delve deeper, click on the county to download spreadsheets with detailed demographic, health coverage and workforce data.

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