You're Already Making a Difference: How to Amplify Your Role in Climate Adaptation to Advance Health Equity

Hot Issues in Health 2023 Breakout Session

December 12, 2023

The task of adapting to a warming climate might seem daunting, but you’re already on the path to making a positive difference in your community, even if you’re unaware of it. 

This session provided an illuminating exploration of the synergy between your work and climate change adaptation, through a dynamic “fishbowl” exercise. Discover how to amplify your efforts and explore the inspiring journeys of a health system and a community health organization that have successfully harnessed this connection to support and prepare the communities they serve. 

  • Karam Ahmad, Director, CHI (facilitator) 
  • Emily Santich, Policy Analyst, CHI (facilitator) 
  • Lisa Romero, Senior Community Health Specialist, Kaiser Permanente Colorado 
  • Guadalupe Solís, Director of Environmental Justice, Cultivando