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Legislation in Review 2016

The dynamics of split party control shaped the 2016 legislative session, just as they did last year. But this time around, the presidential election added even more pressure.
Published: June 1, 2016 | Updated: September 9, 2018

Four themes emerged for health-related bills this session:

  • Statement Bills Send a Message: Partisan “message bills,” designed to make a point, were plentiful during a session that saw most controversial legislation fail.
  • Regulation Draws Reinforcement: More rules for health care professionals and industries were popular among Republicans and Democrats.
  • Transparency Gets Murky: Legislators from both parties wanted more transparency in health care, but disagreed on how to accomplish it.
  • Health Costs Move to the Forefront: Rising enrollment and costs often made Medicaid the “elephant in the room.”

2016 LIR

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