Long-term Services and Supports in Colorado

With the recent focus on the aging population, long-term services and supports (LTSS, formerly long-term care) are getting their day in the spotlight. People are beginning to take a hard look at this behemoth system that in Colorado covers three departments, with endless regulations and multiple payer sources. Individuals of all types access myriad services within the LTSS system and utilize several routes of entry. With all of the complexity of LTSS, many options are being explored both nationally and at the state level that might allow for a more efficient, coordinated and accessible system.

CHI recently released a new report, Long-Term Services and Supports in Colorado, which provides an overview of why LTSS is important, how it works and how it is financed. The report also details some innovative ideas about how to address the large and growing costs of the LTSS system.

Rebalancing is the key to cost-effective options. This means investing more in community-based long-term care options and creating an avenue for people to access services outside of nursing facilities, if they are able. Colorado has received grant money from the Affordable Care Act to do just this, as well as passed legislation to study other cost-effective options. To read more about what is happening in the state, as well as around the country, check out the new report!