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The Colorado Health Institute is closely monitoring developments in Congress and researching how federal reforms will affect Colorado. We call our effort Re: ACA.
Date last upated: August 15, 2017

We are continuing to monitor efforts in Washington to repeal or roll back the Affordable Care Act.

The Colorado Health Institute has a team of a dozen analysts working to determine how federal action — from Congress or the White House — could affect Colorado. the repeal bill has stalled in the Senate, but it remains alive. Our team has answered some of the biggest questions about the proposed Senate bill. Click on the Q&A document below. And our latest presentation looks at the situation from the vantage point of the August congressional recess.

CHI is producing a series of reports, graphics and presentations to track the bill as it progresses and changes through the House and Senate.

Research on the Senate Bill 

Aug 2017 presentation
August 2017 Presentation
Full report cover
Quick fixes after
failure of repeal
How the bills stack up
Q&A: Health Reform 
Webinar link
Webinar Slides







Watch a recorded version of the June 26 webinar.

Research on the ACA and the House Bill

Several features of the House Bill, the American Health Care Act, are present in the Senate's Better Care Reconciliation Act.

ACA in Colorado
The ACA in Colorado
AHCA Medicaid report
AHCA Medicaid Report
AHCA in Garphics
AHCA in Graphics
What Now cover
What Now?


Public health report
A Close Call for Public Health