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The Colorado Health Institute is closely monitoring developments in Congress and researching how federal reforms will affect Colorado. We call our effort Re: ACA.
Date last upated: March 29, 2017

Congress is debating major changes or even repeal of he Affordable Care Act (ACA). Several features of the Republican American Health Care Act (AHCA) include:

  • Cuts to Medicaid eligibility and changes in how the program is funded.
  • New ways of handing out tax credits for private coverage.
  • Increased use of health savings accounts.
  • Restarting high-risk pools run by states.

CHI is researching how each of these changes could affect Colorado.

Our first report looks at the ACA's impacts in Colorado. Our second report examines how the AHCA's proposed cuts to Medicaid would affect health coverage and the state budget. We also have a graphics package and a side-by-side look at the ACA and AHCA.

Check back often for the latest research into how federal health reform could play out in Colorado.

ACA in Colorado
The ACA in Colorado
AHCA Medicaid report
AHCA Medicaid Report
AHCA in Garphics
AHCA in Graphics
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