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Across Colorado: Presentations by the Colorado Health Institute

We’ll be heading to Fort Collins in September to present our latest research on health disparities at the annual Public Health in the Rockies Conference.

We were pleased to receive word that our abstract, “Factors Contributing to Lower Rates of Health Insurance Coverage Among Colorado's Hispanic Adults: A Regression Analysis of Colorado Health Access Survey Data,” was accepted for a session at the 2014 conference. Competition was tough, we hear, with a record 190-plus submissions.

Our research is especially important because the theme of this year’s conference is “Reaching Our Goal of Health Equity for All.”

The brief, which was published in April, is based on a regression model analyzing data from the 2013 Colorado Health Access Survey (CHAS). The CHAS is funded by The Colorado Trust and provides unique data on health insurance coverage, along with access and use of health care, in Colorado.

The research was led by Amy Downs, our Senior Director for Policy and Analysis, conducted by Senior Data Analyst Rebecca Crepin, and written by Research Analyst Hannah Wear. It’s fair to say, though, that most everyone here at the Colorado Health Institute jumped in to help analyze the data.

Results of our analysis show that citizenship status is the largest specific factor associated with a 14.5-point difference in coverage between Hispanic and non-Hispanic adults. Read the full report here.

On Wednesday, Director of Legislative Services Megan Lane and Sara Schmitt, Director of Community Health Policy, will be featured speakers at the monthly breakfast program of the Colorado Healthcare Communicators at the Colorado Health Foundation. Megan and Sara will give a round-up of the legislative session, based on our 2014 Legislation in Review: Analyzing Key Health Policy Trends, which was published earlier this month.

CEO Michele Lueck and Senior Research Analyst Tasia Sinn will talk about Colorado’s changing health care landscape, particularly as it relates to long term services and supports, on Friday at the Colorado Board Retreat of LeadingAge in Lyons.

Finally, Jeff Bontrager, Director of Research on Coverage and Access, and Anna Vigran, Senior Analyst and Communications Specialist, are busy preparing for Thursday’s meeting of the Safety Net Advisory Committee (SNAC) Learning Lab in our offices. This session will focus on efforts to reduce inappropriate emergency department use.

In case you missed them from last week:

  • We released a new 2013 CHAS Survey Snapshot from Rebecca Alderfer, Senior Analyst, on underinsurance in Colorado.
  • Hannah Wear, Research Analyst, crafted a new insight on the 2014 World Cup and how it relates to physical activity in Colorado. You can read it here