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Colorado Health Access Survey

July 18, 2015

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Click the image above for an interactive story map that provides detailed information on 458 zip codes in Colorado. With one click, you can learn how ZIP code stacks up for health insurance coverage. 

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In-depth CHAS data, including more than 200 tabulated tables with data from all three surveys, is available  here.

Read Colorado Health Access Survey in Flip Book Format.

The Colorado Health Access Survey – the CHAS – is the premier source of information on health insurance coverage, access to health care, and how health care is used in Colorado. Findings from the 2013 CHAS, released November 11, 2013, give a detailed picture of Colorado’s changing health landscape.

Data from the 2013 CHAS will serve another important function – providing a baseline of information to help measure the impact of the Affordable Care Act in Colorado. CHAS data will show how many additional Coloradans obtain health insurance, whether it is affordable, and whether having health insurance translates into better access to health care.

Meanwhile, trendable data is now available from three surveys in 2009, 2011 and 2013.

The 2013 survey was fielded between April 15 and July 27. More than 10,000 randomly selected households participated in the 20-minute survey. The CHAS is fielded, analyzed and managed by the Colorado Health Institute. It is funded by The Colorado Trust.

Information available here includes: reports, graphics, maps, the public use file and the survey tool, press releases and other publications.

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2013 CHAS/2014
Analysis from the 2013 CHAS released in 2014.

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2013 CHAS/2013
Analysis from the 2013 CHAS released in 2013.



2011 CHAS/2013
Analysis from the 2011 CHAS released in 2013.

Colorado's Health Insurance Marketplace: A Profile of Likely Consumers Who Will Buy Insurance in the State's New Marketplace?

Measuring the Progress of Health Reform Medicaid Expansion and Newly Eligible Coloradans

Young Invincibles? Medicaid in Colorado: How Enrollees Access and Use Health Care

2011 CHAS/2012
Analysis from the 2011 CHAS released in 2012.

Affordability   Regional Profiles of Uninsured and Underinsured

Emergency Department Use   Oral Health Coverage

2011 CHAS/2011
Analysis from the 2011 CHAS released in 2011.

2011 Fact Sheet   2011 Fact Sheet  

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