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Legal Marijuana Comes Into Focus: An Analysis of Colorado's Policy Landscape

The size and scope of Colorado's marijuana market is beginning to come into focus in this second year of legalization.This analysis by the Colorado Health Institute has identified six key policy lessons.
Date last upated: April 22, 2015


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Crime waves. An epidemic of overdoses. Skyrocketing drug use among kids. A tax windfall for schools. These were the predictions when Colorado became the first state to legalize retail marijuana sales on January 1, 2014.

Instead, more than a year later, the most pressing issues are how to label edible marijuana products, how to deal with unpredictable tax revenues and how the state’s marijuana merchants can safely bank their money.

The size and scope of Colorado’s marijuana market is beginning to come into focus in this second year of legalization.

Colorado was the first state to allow legal retail sales of marijuana for non-medical purposes. As other states and countries consider legalization, they are looking to Colorado for advice.

The Colorado Health Institute has analyzed the evolving marijuana policy landscape and identified these six lessons from Colorado.

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