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Final Report of the HB 1374 Long-Term Transitions Working Group

Findings from the Long-term Transitions Working Group related to barriers in the Medicaid program delaying timely services for qualified individuals who need long-term care.
Date last upated: January 1, 2008

The HB 1374 Long-Term Transitions Working Group was authorized in the 2007 legislative session to tackle a number of problems in the Medicaid program unnecessarily delaying

timely service for individuals covered by Medicaid who qualified for long-term care.

The report outlines system problems and proposed policy recommendations. CHI facilitated the meetings of the work group and prepared the final report.

The six recommendations included re-instituting the Fast Track Program, developing a comprehensive communication plan, enhancing advocacy efforts on behalf of long-term care consumers and establishing executive level leadership for Colorado’s long-term care programs and funding.