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Celebrating 10 years

What do you get when you put a bunch of health policy wonks, some data dudes and about a hundred of Colorado’s smartest and most creative philanthropists, lawmakers, nonprofit leaders, educators and health care advocates in one room?

Nerdy fun, we like to call it.
Date last upated: October 18, 2012

CHI celebrated its 10th anniversary in October 2012 with a reception at the History Colorado Center in downtown Denver. It was a wonderful evening, filled with mountain views, a photo booth, lots of funny lines and much great conversation.

But it was a humbling and inspiring time as well. CHI was founded in 2002 to address Colorado’s need for sound, independent and impartial health policy data and analysis. A video featured three of the visionary health care leaders behind the creation of CHI – Chris Wiant, president and CEO of the Caring for Colorado Foundation, Sheila Bugdanowitz, president and CEO of the Rose Community Foundation, and John Moran Jr., former president and CEO of The Colorado Trust – as well as our first president and CEO, Pam Hanes.  The video also included members of the community explaining how CHI is helpful in their work.

A Picture of CHI: Past, Present and Future

All of us at CHI were reminded of the commitment and dedication required to build CHI – and of the high standards we strive constantly to meet. It is an honor to do this good work, and we are preparing for the next decade at CHI as we evolve toward helping people understand and analyze the data and what it means for the shared goal of a healthier Colorado.

A Picture of Health bookWe marked our 10th anniversary with the release of a photo book titled “Colorado: A Picture of Health.”

The photos show Coloradans on the front lines of health care - providers, patients, educators, students, volunteers and community health advocates. It covers the state from Montrose to Las Animas, from inner city Denver to the San Luis Valley. And it depicts all ages, from a minutes-old baby to seniors working to stay healthy and active.

“This book is a gift back to the community for its support of CHI over the past 10 years,” said Michele Lueck, CHI’s president and CEO.

“For those of us who research, analyze and strategize about how best to deliver health care, it’s all too easy to forget that our policies and decisions impact our fellow Coloradans, all five million-plus of us. This tribute to our state’s health serves as a reminder of those we ultimately serve.”

Click the link to view “Colorado: A Picture of Health.”