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Legislative Opportunities and Trends 2012

Legislative Opportunities and Trends 2012

While the Colorado legislature has much to deliberate this session, including economic development, job creation and education reform, one of the top items on its list will be reducing health care expenditures.

As Governor Hickenlooper said in his State of the State speech Thursday, “the challenge is the economic downturn has meant a greater number of Coloradans are enrolling in Medicaid—and the costs of Medicaid are not sustainable for the state budget.”

Concern about growing health care expenditures is reflected in many of the health policy proposals expected to be considered in the 2012 session.

For those especially interested in the legislature’s work on health policy issues, CHI has just released Legislative Opportunities and Trends 2012. The new report examines major themes and elements expected to shape this year’s session.

CHI anticipates that legislators will focus on making existing programs more efficient rather than creating new ones.  Proposals will focus on measures to streamline and improve the quality and efficiency of current health care programs, especially where cost savings can be achieved.   There will likely be proposals to curb enrollment in Medicaid to reduce costs while others will expand payment reform efforts already begun.

See the report for the full range of health policy legislation CHI anticipates this session. In addition, head to CHI's website each Friday for CHI’s weekly update on health policy legislation during the session.