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Winds of Change at the Capitol

Winds of Change at the Capitol

With Republicans reclaiming the state Senate, Democrats no longer hold sway over the agenda at the Capitol. Legislators will need bipartisan coalitions to get anything done during the 2015 session, which starts today.

CHI's annual legislative forecast looks at some of the issues we think legislators will tackle, with a focus on health policy. Among the big items:

• Continued controversy over marijuana, including edibles, medical marijuana caregivers and the public health effects of legalized pot.

• Funding for a program to reduce unplanned pregnancies.

• Local control over oil and gas development.

• The state budget, complicated this year by the impending return of revenue limits under the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights.

For more legislative previews, check out our recorded webinar and presentation slides.

Also today, we will listen to senior legislators’ opening day speeches and see what they have in mind for health policy. Look for coverage of those speeches on our blog later today.