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Three takeaways from Webinar #1: Publicly funded Insurance Programs

This summer, CHI is hosting a series of webinars designed especially for Colorado health care leaders who need credible, timely information to help them make informed decisions. Our first webinar, held yesterday, was led by Amy Downs, CHI’s director of policy and research.

Amy provided an overview of the two major public health insurance programs in Colorado – Medicaid and Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+). She also discussed the impact that health reform expansions and quality initiatives are expected to have on these programs.

Three particularly interesting facts stood out:

  1. Individuals 65 years and older make up only about 11% of Medicaid enrollees, yet account for nearly one-third of Medicaid expenditures.
  2. Medicaid caseloads have been increasing substantially since the beginning of the decade. In 2002-03, just over 300,000 individuals were enrolled. In 2011, this number is approaching 600,000.
  3. Northwestern Colorado is likely to see some of the largest percentage increases in Medicaid enrollment as a result of federal and state health reform.

If you missed yesterday’s webinar, you can flip through Amy’s slides here or download the presentation.

[slideshare id=8101721&doc=publicprogramswebinarmay2011nn-110525151938-phpapp01]

As I mentioned earlier, Amy’s webinar was the first in a series of four.

  • On June 8, Allison Summerton will discuss the private insurance market, the foundation of health insurance in Colorado. Allison is a research analyst at CHI as well as our resident legislative expert. (Register)
  • On June 22, Jeff Bontrager will lead a webinar on community health. At this webinar, you’ll receive a link to a regional health profile to help you learn more about the health status of your community. Jeff is a senior research analyst at CHI as well as program manager for the Center for the Study of the Safety Net. (Register)
  • On July 20, Joan Henneberry will update us on the progress of the Colorado Health Insurance Exchange. Joan is the project director of the exchange.  (Register)

All webinars will be held from noon-1pm MST.  For more information, please email me.