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A Picture of Health

What this Analysis with Altitude entry lacks in actual analysis, it makes up for in pictures of cute kids with access to health care. I hope you’ll accept that trade.

To view the album, click here.

I recently spent time at two school-based health centers and one mobile clinic photographing health care providers taking care of kids. Normally I would not consider spending all day at a medical office a pleasurable experience, but this was fantastic.

The mobile clinic and school-based health centers like the ones at Laredo and Crawford elementary schools in Aurora provide low-cost medical, dental and mental health services to uninsured and underinsured school-aged kids and their siblings. These safety net clinics provide services such as immunizations, routine lab tests, treatment of minor injuries and dental exams.

I sometimes take for granted the fact that I have three healthy children of my own. If they need medical care they have access to it. But the reality is that 133,000 kids in Colorado do not have health insurance, and many lack access to quality health care.

Most of the kids I photographed were in for routine checkups, with a few minor earaches and tummy aches mixed in. But of course you know there is nothing minor about an earache to a kid who has one. They hurt. Inadequate health insurance should not prevent them from getting help.

Our expert researchers and analysts will return you to your regularly scheduled informative blog posts very soon, but for now enjoy these pictures. The kids should make you smile, but the fact that they have access to health care is what should make you happy.

I am always out looking to take pictures of Colorado health care providers in action, so if you know of any interesting photo opportunities, give me a call or send me an email (720.382.7082, It doesn’t even have to involve cute kids. Access to health care looks good at any age.