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It’s Game Time: Announcing CHI’s 2016 Legislative Forecast

It’s that time of year again. As the Broncos enjoy some rest during a well-deserved week off, another Colorado team – our state legislature – is getting ready for action.The General Assembly may involve a little less glamour and a lot smaller paychecks than the NFL, but we believe there should be plenty of fanfare directed toward events at the state Capitol.

The 120-day session is sure to involve offense, defense and many tactical maneuvers – not to mention some clear winners and losers. And the bill proposals and legislative debates often impact the lives of Coloradans more than people might expect.

We’ve got just the thing to prepare you for the excitement on January 13: CHI’s annual legislative forecast, High Stakes for Health: Policy Trends for Colorado’s 2016 Legislative Session, explores the political and budgetary landscape at the legislature, as well as highlights the top issues related to health and health care to watch during the session.

Are many legislators facing term limits after 2016? How does the Hospital Provider Fee work, anyway? What conversations will we see around aid in dying, Planned Parenthood and marijuana? And what are some of the biggest questions facing our state insurance market and Connect for Health Colorado?

We tackle these questions and more, and we hope you’ll come away with a better understanding of what to expect over the next four months.

To accompany their report, Legislative Director Allie Morgan and Senior Communications Expert Joe Hanel will present a webinar tomorrow (Thursday, January 7) at noon. It’s not too late to sign up if you’re interested. (The Webinar ID is 140-325-459.) The webinar will be ideal if you missed our recent Hot Issues in Health Care conference, and it also will include material that Allie and Joe didn't cover at that event.

Feel free to contact either of them with questions or comments on “High Stakes for Health.” And don’t forget to check out our blogs during the session for updates on what’s happening. See you around the Capitol!