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If Michael Phelps Were a Country

Coloradans head to the polls in November to vote on Amendment 69, a constitutional amendment which would create a universal health care system called ColoradoCare.

A new analysis that we released Monday seeks to answer an important question: would its financial plan be viable over time?

Our study made a number of findings, including projections that while ColoradoCare would nearly break even in its first year, it would slide into ever-increasing deficits in the future without a tax increase.

CEO Michele Lueck, in her blog, talks about CHI’s important role as a nonprofit and nonpartisan health policy research organization. It’s our job to bring independent and evidence-based analyses to public health discussions, she writes.

Although that study took many hours to complete, we have published other new work in the past week.

A new interactive map examines the link between childhood obesity and neighborhoods in Denver. It shows a link between neighborhoods with high rates of Hispanic residents and high childhood obesity rates. Discover how your neighborhood stacks up here.

In partnership with the Colorado Health Foundation, CHI released a Data Spotlight as part of the 2016 Colorado Health Report Card. The report looks at five social determinants of health – education and child care, financial security and safety, food access, housing and transportation – and how Colorado fares in each. Read it here.

CHI wrapped up its Better by Design series with a final report on transportation in Colorado. It covers the efforts underway to increase more active methods of getting from point A to point B. Check out what’s happening.

For a look back, we have the 2015 annual report written by Senior Communications Expert Joe Hanel. It makes us tired remembering all that work.

The 2015 Colorado Health Access Survey alphabet extravaganza is almost at its last letter: Z. Last week, CHI finished up “X” – rX Drugs – and “Y” – You Didn’t Get An Appointment Because the Doctor’s Office Wasn’t Accepting New Patients. Find these and the other 23 analyses on our Insights & Analysis page.

After you read the independent analysis on Amendment 69 and sift through our year of reports, don’t forget to watch the Olympics. Spoiler alert: Michael Phelps is still the most decorated athlete, with 19 gold medals. In fact, if he were a county he would rank 40th in the world for total number of gold medals ever won. Have a great week!