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How Many Uninsured Adults Were Eligible for Medicaid on January 1?

On Tuesday, we released our newest publication – Health Insurance Status of Colorado Adults. The brief provides CHI’s latest estimates of adults who were eligible for but not enrolled in Medicaid as of January 1– the first day of the Medicaid expansion.

New for this year, the EBNE brief includes demographic characteristics of parents (including the newly eligible parents with incomes between 100 and 138 percent of the federal poverty level) and the newly eligible adults without dependent children. Along with the brief, we also have a data supplement with county-level data and a methodology document detailing our sources and calculations. A blog by the report’s author, Natalie Triedman, is here.

In honor of Independence Day, we also have a new Insight focused on where the United States stands among other countries in terms of cost-related access. Is the United States at the top of the pack? Find out here.

Behind-the-scenes work continues on a collaborative project between CHI and the Colorado Coalition for the Medically Underserved (CCMU). The goal of the project – a Colorado Access Index – will be a synthesis of the best data available over time to understand whether Coloradans have access to the care they need. This work is especially of interest with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

Metrics to measure access will be developed using a framework from the Urban Institute that groups measures into insurance coverage, potential access, and realized access. Potential access refers to capacity measures like workforce while an example of realized access might be the actual number of visits that were made.

The two organizations have been meeting with a group of stakeholders to discuss how to keep track of these measures over time. On Tuesday, the group met to take a look at a draft set of measures. Stay tuned for the outcome.

CHI took our work from our desks to the conference room last week to watch the United States face Belgium in the World Cup game. As you can tell from the pictures below, tensions were high.