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Hitting The Road

Creative Services Manager Brian Clark is on the road capturing images of health care in Colorado for a special upcoming CHI project. He is filing occasional dispatches from the road to highlight some of the people and places he encounters.

We here at CHI are in the process of putting together a very special gift to the community to help celebrate our ten-year anniversary.

Without giving too much away just yet, I can tell you that it involves a look at health care providers, patients and programs across the state, from Grand Junction to Alamosa to Las Animas to Haxtun and many points in between.

Since I'll be on the road for much of the next three weeks I asked my kids to pick a stuffed animal I could take as a travel companion. I told them I would take a photograph of the stuffed animal in front of various Colorado landmarks to document my travels. 

Here's the thing about my kids: they don't like to make it easy for me. Instead of one stuffed animal, they gave me four - a penguin from one daughter, a horse from my other daughter and moose twins from my son. So here is a picture of my travel companions all strapped in and ready to go. [See Picture #1 in Media Gallery]

If you are out and about during the next three weeks and you see someone out posing four stuffed animals for a picture, stop and ask me more about CHI's upcoming project. Until then, I'll keep sending in little hints from the road.

Here’s a note from my first stop at Clinica Family Health Services in Boulder:

I was getting ready to wrap up after a full day of shooting pictures of the wonderful health care professionals and patients at Clinica Family Health Services in Boulder when the last patient of the day came in for a well visit.

She did not want to smile for a picture at all. I was getting ready to leave the exam room but I decided to stick around for just a few more shots while Dr. Anji Dixit finished up her exam. Good thing I did because this is the smile that propelled me on to the next town. [See Picture #2 in Media Gallery]