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Heating Up for Hot Issues

Medicaid turns 50 this year, the Affordable Care Act turns five, and the Colorado Health Institute’s Hot Issues in Health Care is becoming an annual conference. Here at CHI, we are warming up for our sold-out one day event – preparing presentations, memorizing lines and shining our shoes.

So, to get our audience and attendees ready for next Monday, we have our Hot Issues Holiday Playlist for a taste of each presentation:

1.   Markets Under Pressure: How We Got Here and What’s Next, Senior Director for Policy and Analysis Amy Downs and Research Analyst Tamara Keeney

Starting us off, Amy and Tamara cover the changing health care marketplace, what caused it, and what to look for in the future. The new models are designed to respond to the ongoing change in Colorado, but change is complicated. Join our for a better understanding of what’s going on in our state.

 2.  Livin’ La Vida Local: Understanding the Results of Health Reform in Colorado’s Communities, Policy Analysts Jessica Fern and Emily Johnson

The low uninsured rate is old news, but what’s happening at the local level because of it is brand new information. Join Jessica and Emily for a deep dive into coverage, access to care, and state policies at a local level.

3.   Building the ACA on Your Own Terms: Tools States Are Using to Tackle the Toughest Health Policy Issues, Director of Research on Coverage and Access Jeff Bontrager and Research Analyst Nina Roumell

We may know the problems with the health care system but what are some solutions? Learn about other states’ efforts to address tough problems. Jeff and Nina will cover pressing health care issues, the tools used, and what early results look like inside and outside of Colorado.

4.    Preparing for the Age Wave: What A Million More Seniors Means for Colorado, Director of Community Health Policy Sara Schmitt and Policy Analyst Natalie Triedman 

As the number of seniors in Colorado continues to grow, projected more than double by 2050, we have to think about the effect on state policy. Natalie and Sara will take us through this unprecedented growth and how it will affect the state budget, health care workface, and the need for innovation in Colorado.

5.  The Evidence in Question: Planning for Policy and Anticipating Politics, President and CEO Michele Lueck and Professor of Public Administration Dr. L. Christopher Plein, West Virginia University

CEO Michele Lueck and Professor Chris Plein will talk about how to boost the chances of success when trying to move a policy to implementation.

We are honored to have a keynote address in the morning from Dr. Alice M. Rivlin, Director of the Health Policy Center at the Brookings Institution, and a panel with former state legislators in the afternoon.

It will be a long and informational day in health policy followed by a needed happy hour.

If you can’t make the event, watch our website. We will be posting all of the presentations on Tuesday, December 15.

Don’t forget that instead of our usual schwag items, we will be donating to the Hope House of Colorado, a nonprofit committed to helping teenage mothers as they become independent members of society.

We are looking forward to seeing attendees at the Inverness Hotel!