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What We Know

From behavioral health to health equity, CHI analysts' expertise covers a spectrum of health topics.

Improving Health in Everyday Life

Community Health

The evidence is increasingly definitive that health outcomes are influenced the most by issues outside of health care. To improve our health, we must tend to the environments in which we live, work, and learn. Our past work in Community Health has focused on broadening the definition of health. Our latest work aims to strengthening our impact. Knowing what we know, how do we create policy that improves the social determinants of health?

Confronting the crisis of a generation

Behavioral Health

Decades of research have identified effective ways to combat deaths due to behavioral health problems such as evidence-based prevention and early childhood health promotion, medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction, and service delivery strategies like teletherapy. This portfolio analyzes opportunities in suicide prevention, substance use disorder trends, and the best ways to promote mental health in children and youth.

Measurement to Power Change

Health Equity for Coloradans

Our work in Health Equity builds on more than a decade of our efforts to quantify and qualify disparities in health coverage, access and outcomes. We focus on policy levers — both in health and those in adjacent fields such as education and housing — that can effectively address inequities. The Health Equity portfolio expands and deepens our reach by developing products in Spanish as well as English and by intentionally incorporating stories of lived experience. We also apply health equity principles to all relevant analyses, including our annual assessment of school-based care and eligibility for public programs.

The Evolving Safety Net

Care in Our Communities

Colorado’s effectiveness in expanding health coverage to nearly 94 percent of its residents calls into question the meaning of “safety net.” While coverage has expanded, access and outcomes have not followed suit. Our Care Where We Are portfolio seeks to understand why that’s the case. 

Dollars and Sense

Cost, Affordability, and Payment Reform

From town hall meetings to state of the state addresses, health care costs are a chief concern. We expect that the machinery of state government will move toward solutions that drive down health care prices. CHI supports this work and identifies the hidden risks inherent in making changes to the complex health economy.

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