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Informing Policy. Advancing Health.

Why CHI?

History 101

Visionary health leaders created the Colorado Health Institute (CHI) in 2002 to fill a need for nonpartisan, independent data and evidence-based analysis to support decision-makers. The Colorado Trust, the Caring for Colorado Foundation and the Rose Community Foundation were the first funders, all providing general operating support. The Colorado Health Foundation became the fourth primary funder in 2008. 

A Clear Mission: Better Health

It is still our mission to provide independent data and analysis to policymakers across the political spectrum and at all levels, from local to state to federal.  We strongly believe that better information leads to better policy and that better policy leads to better health. At the same time, we have expanded our offerings, adding a broad range of strategic and programmatic services. CHI has become a trusted thought leader and a valued partner in the effort to create a healthier Colorado. 

Research Calendar

Each year we create a research calendar that prioritizes our core research and deliverables that will best meet the needs of our stakeholders. The 2017 core calendar is organized into these seven portfolios:

Re ACA logoThe Strike Team — Colorado’s Choices in a Trump Administration

We have assembled a team that represents expertise from all areas of CHI to answer questions and conduct research quickly but mindfully when it comes to the future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Community Health

Individual behaviors and choices shape health, but so do community-wide factors, from housing and transportation to crime and employment. We are using new data sources and new analytic methods to support communities in their health. 

Access and Coverage

Insurance coverage has been a central tenet of the ACA, but Colorado’s gains may be at risk. We will be a leading source to highlight the impacts of these changes.

Care and Costs

We will publish a series of reports on two of the most crucial questions in health policy – affordability and care delivery.

RHCs logoRegional Health Connectors (RHCs)

CHI will share early lessons from this essential part of the State Innovation Model program. RHCs are creating connections among key players in local health systems across the state.

Strategic Communications

Our team leads the field in graphics, data visualization and interactive mapping as well as compelling narratives. We continuously build on these skills to communicate our research in new and accessible formats.

CHAS reportColorado Health Access Survey

The release of the 2017 CHAS will reveal the full impact of the ACA. It will also identify the challenges — and opportunities — ahead of us.



How CHI Can Help You

CHI offers consulting support for organizations and decision-makers working on health and health policy projects. We provide research, data analysis and modeling, strategic thinking, organizational planning, facilitation, thought leadership, evidence-based policy advice and other services. 

Visit our Services section for more information.