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2008 Colorado Registered Nurse Workforce Survey Findings

A survey of approximately 3,000 licensed RNs focusing on education, clinical experiences, job satisfaction, practice setting, time spent on various duties, future career plans and interest in becoming a nursing faculty member.
Date last upated: September 28, 2009

Some findings included that The demographic characteristics of Colorado’s RN workforce in 2008 did not mirror Colorado’s population in the gender and race/ethnicity distribution of the profession. This is particularly stark with regard to Hispanic nurses who comprised only 3 percent of the nursing workforce while 20 percent of Colorado’s population was Hispanic. Similarly, less than one percent of Colorado RNs were black compared to 4 percent of Colorado’s population.

Approximately 83 percent of Colorado RNs were employed in a position requiring an active RN license. The majority (61%) were working in an acute care facility. The focus of RNs primary nursing position was dominated by specialty care (33%) followed by general acute care (30%).

Colorado RNs reported working an average of 35 hours per week at their primary nursing position with 23 of these hours spent providing direct patient care. Approximately two-thirds reported working 33 hours or more per week.