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Training, Totes and Thanksgiving

Training, Totes and Thanksgiving

While it may be a short week, the Colorado Health Institute has plenty to do before overeating on Thursday. Here’s what’s going on this week at CHI.

BUT! Before we talk about this week, don’t forget to check out Research Analyst Nina Roumell’s Noteworthy Numbers. The monthly publication compiles a short list of the past month’s most notable numbers in health care and policy. Brian Clark, manager of creative services, adds his distinctive graphics to Nina’s numbers. Both national and statewide digits are included to keep in you in the loop!

Last week, CHI’s website hosted a guest blog by Chris F. Koller, president of the Milbank Memorial Fund. His piece, titled “When Values and Evidence Collide: Reducing Teen Pregnancy Rates in Colorado,” follows Colorado’s experience in reducing teen pregnancy with Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARC). It’s based on presentations given by CHI analysts to gatherings of state officials. Read all about it here.

To support teen moms during the holiday season, help CHI donate to the Hope House at Hot Issues in Health Care. The Hope House in Colorado provides free self-sufficiency programs for teen mothers to help them prepare for long-term independence and parenthood. We will have a table at HIHC for attendees to put together a tote-bag for those in need or donate to the cause.

Speaking of Hot Issues, our experts are practicing their presentations this week. We’ll be fine-tuning our slides in preparation for an exciting day at the Inverness Hotel on Monday December 14. Look for a preview of our presentations in an upcoming blog.

Do you have the CHI app? If not, download it before the big day! While at the conference, the CHI app which will be complete with the conference schedule and presentation descriptions. Come prepared by downloading our app from the app store prior to the 14th.

Last week, Director of Research on Coverage and Access Jeff Bontrager and Policy Analyst Emily Johnson conducted a webinar covering the many sources for health insurance coverage in Colorado. Did you miss out? No fear, the presentation slides and recording are available online here. Additionally, there will be a part two on December 3 next week covering access to care in Colorado. Mark your calendars!

Policy Analyst Allie Morgan will be in Colorado Springs Tuesday to give a presentation on 2015 Colorado Health Access Survey findings, specifically for El Paso County. Remember, you can request your own presentation with local data by emailing us at We love traveling for data.

We wish all of our readers, families, and friends a wonderful Thanksgiving. Eat well, stay safe, and watch our Broncos compete against the Patriots Sunday evening. Have a great week.