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The Final Countdown

The Final Countdown

After a long and relaxing break, our staff is back in action. And we mean that literally because we are only 13 days away from this year’s Hot Issues in Health Care conference, which is set for December 14 at the Inverness Hotel and Event Center.

While we’re busy putting the final touches on our presentations and taking care of millions of details, we will update you on other work around the office this week.

Jeff Bontrager, Director of Research on Coverage and Access, and Nina Roumell, Research Analyst, are hosting the second of a two-part webinar series, “Making Sense of New Numbers.” The series focuses on the numerous sources for health insurance rates and explains how to best use them. This week’s webinar will focus on access to health care in Colorado with information from CHI’s Colorado Access to Care Index. Not sure what that is? Catch up before Thursday’s webinar here.

Manager of Creative Services Brian Clark finally makes an appearance in this week’s blog as he is traveling to the Colorado School of Public Health to give a presentation on how to present complicated data in inviting visual ways. Never heard of Brian Clark? That’s because he is an expert behind the scenes whose design genius is responsible for making CHI’s publications as pretty as they are.

Michele Lueck, our CEO, will also be heading to the Colorado School of Public Health to give our famous presentation on the 2015 Colorado Health Access Survey (CHAS). Jeff Bontrager and Research Analyst Tamara Keeney will also give the 2015 CHAS presentation this week to Peer Assistance Services Inc. Remember that if you want a localized presentation for your hometown, please email us at

So far, we have traveled more than 1,000 miles in Colorado presenting CHAS data for our Highway to Health project. Check out a map of our past, present and future presentations across the state and sign up for your own at the same time! We are sitting on mountains of data and want to share it all with you.

Finally, Hot Issues in Health Care is right around the corner. Are you prepared for the one-day conference? Before arriving, don’t forget to download our app from the app store to stay updated throughout the day. The app will have the conference schedule as well as presentation previews and synopses.!

In the next two weeks, we have presentation practice, fine tuning, and more practice. Look for presentation teasers in next week’s blog. The teasers will include each speaker and a description of their presentation topic. We will be sending out a “warm-up” email soon for those who are attending.

If you are attending the conference, you will have the opportunity to donate an item to the Hope House, which provides free programs for teen mothers to help them prepare for long-term independence and parenthood. Attendees will help to fill tote bags full of basic essentials for a warmer holiday season.

Have a great week and we hope to see many of you in just 13 short days!