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Pi and SNACs

Pi and SNACs

Today is the day of math lovers’ dreams. Yes, it’s Pi day. The Colorado Health Institute encourages all of our readers to celebrate with your favorite slice of pie, especially if daylight savings has left you in a sluggish state. While you do so, catch up on what’s going on around the office this week.

Do you have a few minutes? Become an expert on what’s going on during this legislative session with Allie Morgan’s weekly blog. In the most recent blog posted on Friday, Allie, who is our legislative director and a policy analyst, covered one of the areas where Democrats and Republicans agree: greater transparency in our health care system. But that didn’t help a drug pricing bill. Read about the bill and others on our website.

Policy Analyst Tamara Keeney is spending the beginning of this week in Florida absorbing new data and information at the Annual Research and Policy Conference on Behavioral Health. Known as “The Tampa Conference,” more than 500 people gather to explore behavioral health topics and discuss research, policy and practice around the topic. Follow Tamara on Twitter for updates on this emerging national issue.

On Tuesday morning, Policy Analyst Emily Johnson will be presenting to the Mile High Health Alliance during its first access group meeting. She will discuss findings from CHI’s recent analyses of the Colorado Health Access Survey and the Eligible but Not Enrolled population, with a focus on the ACA’s impact in Denver. Don’t forget to get up to speed on the EBNE rates in Colorado by reading our newest analysis.

Do you know where Colorado’s food deserts are? If not, stay tuned for the next installment of Better By Design, our series of reports on the connection between health and the built environment. We will take a deeper dive into what’s going on in Denver and Colorado to improve access to healthy foods. In the meantime, catch up on our latest reports by visiting the Better by Design page on the website.

This week’s Safety Net Advisory Committee (SNAC) Learning Lab turns its focus to initiatives both inside and outside of Colorado. Oregon’s Medicaid Coordinated Care Organization (CCO) program has many parallels to Colorado’s Accountable Care Collaborative (ACC) but there some differences. While Colorado’s program is based on fee-for-service, Oregon has established global payments. Guests Richard Lindrooth and Jeanette Waxmonsky will walk us through what they’re learning from Oregon — and what we might apply to the future of the ACC.

This SNAC Lab will also launch a series exploring the challenges of finding specialty care for vulnerable Coloradans. Throughout the series, we will hear from experts around the state about the creative approaches communities are using to address this challenge. Don’t miss it.

And Brian Clark, CHI’s manager of creative services, will be talking about how he goes about presenting data and designing publications to members of Tech4GoodDenver on Wednesday.