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2015 Eligible but Not Enrolled

April 19, 2017
The number of uninsured Coloradans who did not enroll in Medicaid or Child Health
Plan Plus (CHP+), despite being eligible for the public coverage programs, continued to drop
in 2015, falling to 130,000, according to a new analysis by the Colorado Health Institute.


This research brief updates the Colorado Health Institute’s annual Medicaid, CHP+ and advance premium tax credit (APTC) enrollment analysis, evaluating the reach of these programs and examining the populations that remain uninsured despite their eligibility — a category known as eligible but not enrolled (EBNE).

We address four key questions: How many of Colorado’s uninsured were adults eligible for public insurance or tax credits in 2015? How many were kids? How many were undocumented immigrants? And has any of this changed since the implementation of the ACA?

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