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Wrapping Up Before the Fourth

We are all looking forward to the holiday weekend — what’s better than Fourth of July BBQs, fireworks and family?

But before Friday arrives, the Colorado Health Institute (CHI) has a full week of work planned. Here’s what is going on around the office this week.

Three CHIers are at the Annual Research Meeting in Boston learning from other health policy nerds as well presenting their own work on how to harness data to inform policy. Director of Research on Access and Coverage Jeff Bontrager, Senior Data Analyst Rebecca Silvernale and Policy Analyst Emily Johnson are tweeting out their experience. Follow them on Twitter by clicking their names.

Last week, CHI published two new maps for the next letters in the series Mapping Data A to Z. All data come from the 2015 Colorado Health Access Survey with analyses by CHI’s experts. The maps show  mental health status and the percentage of Coloradans who needed specialist care but didn’t get it due to cost. Find these maps and accompanying analyses on our analysis page.

Did you know that June is men’s health month? We will be releasing an interactive map on the health of Colorado’s men compared to their female counterparts. We’ll include data on uninsured rates, doctor visits, and oral health care, just to name a few topics. The health battle of the sexes is about to begin.

Healthy Kids Colorado Survey data were released last week. If you missed it, fear not. A team of CHI experts will be releasing analyses complete with interactive graphics. First up, we’ll be covering violence among Colorado’s students. In the mean-time, read about overall findings on our website and stay tuned for the release of an exciting new platform for CHI analyses.

Do you know what co-insurance is? Many Coloradans don’t. Find out how you stack up this week with the release of the newest 2015 CHAS analysis on health literacy in Colorado. The brief will take an in-depth view of what Coloradans know and where they need to get more information. Look for it later this week.

Our annual Legislation in Review (LIR) is up on our website. It covers the most important health policy trends that made an impact during the legislative session. If you completely missed out on what happened at the Capitol, flip through our booklet on what you need to know. The decisions that were made will affect your health in the future.

Have a great week, enjoy the hot weather and remember to stay cool and hydrated for the Fourth of July!