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Word Gets Around on Healthy Transportation Options

Colorado is a popular destination for people to start a new life, as our previous Better by Design report pointed out.

It’s been said that Denver is becoming the “San Francisco of the Plains.” More people want to take advantage of nearby outdoor activities and a booming economy. But this means extra cars on the road and a growing need for alternative, affordable transportation.

The good news? Organizations are noticing this trend and taking action.

Our final report in the Better by Design series looks at the connection between transportation and health. It provides a plethora of examples to show that how we get around is becoming more important than ever before.

The report highlights initiatives in Colorado to promote alternatives to the solo commute. Efforts include the Affordable Fares Task Force, part of Mile High Connects; FasTracks; and Safe Routes to School. Transportation options between urban and rural destinations and around bustling metropolitan areas are a great first step. But some environmental advocates are also worried about the Colorado’s main draw: the outdoors.

Thankfully Colorado’s leaders have thought about the great outdoors. The report also highlights Governor John Hickenlooper’s Colorado Pedals Project, an effort to make Colorado the best state for biking. Strides have already been made since the project was implemented last fall, and it should continue to improve biking over four years. Projects range from promoting active transportation to completing unfinished bike trails in the state.

We are excited to share the final installment of our built environment series and hope our readers will reconsider their commute. It is summer, after all, and wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy a slice of the outdoors before getting to your job?