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Top 10 Colorado Health Institute Publications of 2011

December 27, 2011
Editor's note: In the spirit of year-end wrap-up lists, this week Analysis with Altitude will highlight the most popular publications, news stories, and blog posts of 2011. Today: Top 10 CHI Publications. Tomorrow: Top 10 Blog Posts. Thursday: Top Health News Stories. 
  1. Colorado Children’s Health Insurance Status: 2011 update (link) Although health insurance has been associated with improved access to health care and better health outcomes, a number of children are eligible for public insurance programs but uninsured. CHI publishes annual estimates of Colorado children eligible for but not enrolled in Medicaid and the Child Health Plan Plus program by county to help state and local policymakers understand enrollment patterns in their communities.
  2. Colorado Adults’ Health Insurance Status: 2011 update (link) In Colorado, low-income adults without dependent children have higher uninsured rates than other groups. This report provides an overview of this population, including how many will become eligible for Medicaid under state and federal health care reforms.
  3. A Half Million Newly Insured: Is Colorado Ready? (link) A new analysis from CHI answers the question, "How many additional primary care providers will Colorado need to care for the residents who become insured after federal health care reform?"
  4. Colorado Medicaid: Options for Cost Containment (link) This publication provides an  overview of Medicaid and its costs in Colorado, looks at new programs underway that are designed to increase efficiencies and contain costs and analyzes cost-containment options being used by other states.
  5. 2011 Colorado’s Nurse and Nurse Aide Workforce: A Portrait (link) This report provides a portrait of one broad segment of Colorado’s health care workforce: certified nurse aides (CNAs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and registered nurses (RNs). It synthesizes findings from three surveys that CHI conducted between 2006 and 2008.
  6. A Profile of Colorado’s Advanced Practice Nurse Workforce (link) Advanced practice nurses (APNs) are one type of non-physician clinician providing quality primary care. In 2010, CHI surveyed these clinical specialist registered nurses to gain information on their role as health care providers. This report discusses Colorado’s APN workforce, including characteristics, work settings, challenges, barriers to expanded practice, and retention and supply issues.
  7. Legislation in Review: Advancing Health in Uncertain Times (link) This publication summarizes the decisions of the 2011 General Assembly. It follows our initial publication, Legislative Opportunities and Trends, which profiled the issues and themes of the 2011 session, and looks ahead to the 2012 legislative line-up.
  8. A Profile of Colorado’s Physician Assistant Workforce (link) Physician assistants (PAs) are certified health care professionals licensed to practice clinical medicine under the license and supervision of a physician. CHI surveyed PAs licensed in Colorado to better understand their characteristics. This report looks at their demographic attributes and highlights key findings as they relate to workforce issues of relevance to Colorado policymakers.
  9. Long-term Services and Supports in Colorado (link) This publication provides an overview of long-term services and supports (LTSS) and how much they cost in Colorado, as well as a look at innovative ideas to help curb costs and what other states are doing to create a more efficient LTSS system.
  10. The Impact of Oral Disease on Colorado’s Children (link) Recognizing the social, economic and health impacts that result from preventable oral disease, CHI analyzed the costs and outcomes associated with oral health interventions funded on behalf of Colorado’s children.