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Sneak Preview of "Colorado: A Picture of Health"

CHI is releasing its 10th anniversary commemorative photo book, “Colorado: A Picture of Health” on Thursday. I traveled across the state, taking pictures of Coloradans on the front lines of health care. The goal was to show the faces, and tell the stories, of people affected by health policy decisions.

During the lead-up to Thursday’s release, we will provide brief snapshots of the stories in the book.


People don’t hesitate to ask Dr. Bethany Kolb about her plans. “I have patients say straight to my face, ‘Are you going to stay?’ ” Such is the plight of rural areas like the San Luis Valley, where it can be difficult to find doctors who want to stick around. Kolb – a former accountant with an MBA – is one of two doctors in the Obstetrics & Gynecology office at the San Luis Valley Regional Medical Center, a nonprofit provider.

One reason patients like having Dr. Kolb around is that around is that she brings innovative ideas about women’s health to Alamosa, including an event she created called “Pappy Hour,” when women can gather for refreshments, door prizes, Pap smears, mammograms, chair massages and medical education.


However, you'll have to excuse her if Dr. Kolb has to miss a few upcoming "Pappy Hours." Alamosa is getting ready for a bit of a baby boom, with 30 babies expected over a two-week period. With a schedule like that, Kolb may have a good shot at breaking her personal record of delivering two babies in six minutes.