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Oh Thank Heaven . . .

Happy July 11, or if you keep up with your local corner store, 7-Eleven Slurpee day.

The convenience store gave away their signature drink from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Many members of the Colorado Health Institute (CHI) team made the trip across 17th Street, battling the heat, not to mention the Monday blues, with a free flavored-ice beverage.

With a Slurpee in hand, we’ll catch you up on what’s happening around the office this week.

CHI’s Jeff Bontrager, director of research on coverage and access, hosts the Safety Net Advisory Committee (SNAC) Learning Lab on Wednesday. Along with research analyst Nina Roumell, he’s diving into something new, focusing on Coloradans who have been involved with the criminal justice system and how that impacts their access to health care.

What do you know about Colorado’s high school students? CHI is working on a series of interactive dashboards based on data from the 2015 Healthy Kids Colorado Survey. The first installment explores violence — in and out of school — and how it’s impacting Colorado’s teens.

We’ve reached the 17th letter of the alphabet in Mapping Data A to Z and it’s one of the toughest letters yet — Q. Or, “Question: are you likely to check statements from your health plan showing what you owe or paid?” Most Coloradans do, but some regions in the state have room for improvement. Find out more on our website.

June was men’s health month and Chrissy Esposito, CHI’s data visualization intern, mapped how healthy Colorado’s men are. It’s the healthiest battle of the sexes we’ve seen yet with data coming from the 2015 Colorado Health Access Survey. Check out her eight interactive maps here.

It’s been almost four years since the fatal shootings at the Aurora movie theater. CHI is checking into the policies put in place afterwards to address mental health issues. We’re planning a series of blogs next week.

Our CEO, Michele Lueck, heads to Del Norte this week for her first meeting as a new member of the Adams State University Board of Trustees. Congratulations, Michele!