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Tomorrow is election day.

It is a big day for the United States, and Colorado, and we are all anxiously awaiting the results. The result of this election will affect a lot. Both Colorado’s ballot and the presidential election have implications for health policy.

And the Colorado Health Institute (CHI) will be ready to discuss the future of health no matter the outcome. Look for a blog Wednesday morning discussing the election’s results and how they will affect health policy in our state and the country.

With the election season coming to a close, CHI is finishing up our analyses for our presentations at our Hot Issues in Health Care conference. We have been gearing up for a couple of months and will continue working until it arrives, so don’t miss out. If you haven’t registered yet, do so on our website to join us for two days in Colorado Springs, December 14 and December 15.

Two CHIers will be out on the town this week on panels and presenting.

Senior Policy and Statistical Analyst Emily Johnson will be sitting on a panel Thursday evening at the Wage Theft Summit. Emily, along with other panelists, will be discussing the basics of wage theft in Colorado. The summit takes place at the University of Colorado at Denver downtown. Stop by to see her speak.

Vice President Amy Downs will be presenting at a Health Care Council for the Colorado Association for Commerce and Industry (CACI)Thursday afternoon. Her presentation will focus on the health of Colorado and some of the key health statistics and trends in our state.

Policy Analyst Tamara Keeney is preparing a new analysis of suicide data in Colorado. It will accompany an interactive dashboard by interactive expert Chrissy Eposito.  Look for their work on our website later this week. 

Open enrollment for 2017 health coverage started last week and it brings tough choices for some Coloradans. For residents who buy insurance on the individual market, premiums are heading higher. Senior Communications Expert Joe Hanel covers the issue in his latest blog. Check it out on our website.

Have a great election week.