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Daylight Savings: An Extra Hour Every Day for Data and Analysis

March 10, 2014

Another Monday at the Colorado Health Institute means another opportunity to look back at our successes and set the stage for what’s to come this week. And with daylight savings back in place, it means we’ll have an extra hour of sunlight for health-related data and analysis.  

First up – a success from last week. Members of the CHI team were acknowledged in the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s 2013 Health and Environmental Assessment. Jeff Bontrager, Director of Research on Coverage and Access, was recognized for contributions to the quantitative data advisory team. Anna Vigran, Senior Analyst and Communications Specialist, was acknowledged as part of the qualitative team. The Colorado Health Institute is pleased to work with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and other organizations across the state that share our passion for all things Colorado health.

This week, we will release our annual update on children who are eligible for but not enrolled (EBNE) in Medicaid and Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+). The 2014 fact sheet and accompanying data supplement provide analysis of data from 2012, the most recent available. Over the next few weeks, CHI will also release publications for the number of adults eligible but not enrolled in Medicaid and the number of adults and children who qualify for but have not purchased tax credits through Connect for Health Colorado, the state’s insurance marketplace.

Tomorrow, Research Analyst Natalie Triedman will be presenting Denver-specific data focusing on children from the Colorado Health Access Survey (CHAS) to Denver Outreach Partners. Data from the presentation will be featured later this week in an online Insight from Research Assistant Kevin Butcher. Until then, read Research Assistant Tamara Keeney’s Insight from last week on continuous coverage for kids in Colorado.

Our fearless leader (and President and CEO), Michele Lueck, will be giving a presentation on health and wellness at the capitol on Wednesday for Colorado State Health IT Advocacy Day. The presentation will focus on how health information technology fits into the Colorado’s strategic action plan for Colorado’s health and wellness industry, using our report released in late 2013.

The Colorado Health Institute has been conducting key informant interviews for an upcoming publication examining the potential public health implications of legalizing recreational marijuana in Colorado. We expect the report to be released later this spring. Our legislative team continues to follow the action at the capitol and to provide timely data and analysis to legislators. Remember to read weekly legislative blogs from Director of Legislative Services Megan Lane, and to keep up with all health-related legislation from Legislative Roundups from Kevin Butcher. You can read Megan’s latest blog on Freestanding ERs here and keep an eye out for the Legislative Roundup later this week.