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Colorado Health Report Card Rolls Out This Week

March 24, 2014

It’s finally here. The 2013 Colorado Health Report Card will be released Wednesday.

The Report Card – a collaboration between the Colorado Health Foundation and the Colorado Health Institute – is an annual update on the health of Coloradans. Health status is ranked on 38 indicators and is organized into five life stages.

This year, data from the Report Card will be available in downloadable Excel workbooks on CHI’s website. These workbooks will be available Wednesday, along with a supplement, “A Roadmap to Number One,” five “Behind the Numbers” publications and, of course, the Report Card itself. Follow along with the launch on Twitter: @COHealthInst and #COHRC.

Members of CHI’s communications team will have the opportunity to spread the word about CHI later this week, with a table at the Association of Health Care Journalists’ 2014 Health Journalism conference in downtown Denver. A sampling of other exhibitors include the American Public Health Association, the National Center for Health Statistics and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Deb Goeken and Anna Vigran will represent CHI table to display our work. They will also debut our new brochure, experts list and speaker’s bureau handout – all of which will be available on our website next week. Deb and Anna will be tweeting away during the conference. Be sure to follow them @CHI_DebGoeken and @CHI_AnnaV.

Tomorrow, Rebecca Alderfer and Jeff Bontrager will make a presentation to a group of first-year medical students at the University of Colorado’s School of Medicine.  The presentation will explore coverage and access issues coupled with workforce capacity. The supply and demand conversation with continue on Thursday with a rural twist. Rebecca will present to the Colorado legislature’s rural caucus – a bipartisan group of lawmakers from rural Colorado.

In case you missed it, here are links to some of what happened last week at CHI:

Along with the Report Card release this week, other content posted on our website this week will include a blog on Wednesday’s County Health Rankings’ Fifth Anniversary release, an insight from Tamara Keeney on new eligibility standards for 2014 and a Legislative Roundup from Kevin Butcher.