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CHAS at Church, Betty White and a Graduation

The week started early for a Colorado Health Institute crew with “CHAS at Church” Sunday morning at St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Denver. Sara Schmitt and Tamara Keeney used data from the Colorado Health Access Survey to create a presentation titled “Unequal Health: A Spotlight on Colorado.”

Like a lot of ministers, we sometimes feel like we are preaching to the choir when we share our research with Colorado’s highly engaged health policy community. CHAS at Church gave us a chance to get outside our regular circles, and we are looking for more ways to spread out.

Betty White, Morgan Freeman and Bruce Springsteen will star in a CHI graphic that debuts this week. They are the poster children, so to speak, for the three generations in the over-65 age group. We call it “65 and Older: Not All the Same.” As the title suggests, the graphic looks at how the Greatest Generation, the Silent Generation and the Baby Boomers differ in their health, lifestyles and income. Policy Analysts Tamara Keeney and Natalie Triedman and Manager of Creative Services Brian Clark led this project.

CHI continues its evaluation of the Affordable Care Act this week with a report on Colorado’s Medicaid expansion. We’ve all heard that the state’s Medicaid rolls grew much faster than expectations, but what about costs and other factors? Policy Analyst Emily Johnson takes a deep look at publicly available data to come up with an answer.

Our ABCs of CHAS series reaches E and F this week. What will the topics be? Echinacea consumption? Furry cat allergies? You’ll have to stay tuned to our Analysis page to find out. While you’re there, you can read last week’s offerings on churn and dental insurance.

As usual, you can expect to see CHI experts out and about this week.

The Regional Health Connectors statewide tour heads north on Tuesday and Wednesday with stops in Fort Collins and Greeley. See more about the program here.

CEO Michele Lueck will visit Denver Health’s Grand Rounds on Wednesday to make a presentation called “Headwaters of Health: Colorado’s Big Bets on Improving Health.”

Two CHIers will receive academic honors Thursday. Paige Backlund Jarquín, a senior program manager at the SIM Extension Service, will receive her doctorate from the Colorado School of Public Health. Her focus is on community behavioral health. And Vice President Deb Goeken will be inducted into Delta Omega, the national public health honor society.

In case you missed it last week, check out our publication on Colorado’s remaining uninsured. Three words to describe this group: young, male, employed.

All this should give you plenty of ways to pass the time as we count down to a long Memorial Day weekend.